Hunger in America

If your children are hungry, nothing else matters.

Hunger cuts to the quick, demanding action, dulling the urgency of all else, including homelessness and warmth.

Hunger and malnutrition prevent millions of Americans from living healthy, productive lives. Children who live in households affected by hunger are negatively impacted both physically and mentally, threatening their opportunity to become productive, contributing members of society. Today, nearly 2.8 million children are living on less than $2 per day in the United States.


There are 200 food banks in the country that distribute more than 2.5 billion pounds of food to needy Americans each year. But in these tough economic times, the emergency food system is stretched to the brink.  Needs are up and donations are down. And the first thing to go is beef  – an incredibly important source of protein for children, adults and the elderly. While food stores generously donate beef that is at or near its expiration date, there simply is not enough protein to feed the growing number of food insecure people in America.

Beef4Hunger provides fresh beef to feed America’s hungry. In an economy in which more than one million public school students are homeless and one in six Americans are considered to be “food insecure,” Beef4Hunger is filling the plates of families with protein-rich fresh beef, providing nourishment and hope for a healthier, more enriching future.